With approximately 300 PhD students, the Cambridge Biomedical Campus hosts one of the largest communities of Life Science graduate students in Cambridge. However, many of the career-related services and events are inconveniently located in central Cambridge, and as a result, many Addenbrooke's early career researchers are unable to use these to their full potential.


To alleviate this issue, we have founded the Addenbrooke’s Graduate Forum (AGF). The AGF is a student association established through collaboration of student representatives from the main research institutes on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. The main objective of the AGF is to ensure that graduate students and postdocs based on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus are well-placed to plan for a career upon completion of their current course of study or research project, and to help them establish a strong professional network within and outside their field. To this extent, we provide a subject-specific platform for Life Science early career researchers to:

  • develop essential transferable skills for a broad range of career options

  • provide networking opportunities with future employers

  • foster interactions between PhD students from different research institutes


We appreciate that graduate students and postdocs on the Addenbrooke’s campus have a variety of career interests, as well as different approaches in preparing for their future careers. To be as inclusive as possible, we will be offering different events:

  • Speaker seminars: High profile speakers with a background in Life Sciences will be chosen from a range of career fields. Speakers will discuss their career history, challenges and achievements, with a Q&A session at the end of the talk. Through these seminars, graduate students will be exposed to a wealth of career possibilities and contacts.

  • Workshops: Hands-on skills sessions oriented towards Life Sciences students will be organized on-site. We aim to organize sessions with small working groups in order to provide individual feedback. These would include workshops for writing successful CVs, grants and PhD theses, as well as developing other transferable skills such as presentation, networking, and business skills. 

  • Inter-institutional networking: We will organize networking sessions for PhD students across the Addenbrooke’s institutes to promote cross-campus collaboration in a more casual environment with interactive team-building exercises and speed networking. This is in response to a desire from Addenbrooke’s PhDs to build stronger contacts with PhD students working on the same campus.


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